Contact Information for questions:  Sandra Thompson, First Assessor 663-4454
Also Charles Hathaway, President of CFWF: 207/663-2228.

Transfer Station is open throughout the calendar year to residents and taxpayers in The Forks Plt.  The CFWF will be closed on Easter Sunday annually.

Winter Hours: Mid October-Late May:  Sunday Only 8am – 4pm
Summer Hours: June 1, 2023 to Mid October:  Thursday and Sunday: 8am -4pm

Price list for 2023 is attached below

 An attendant will be present to assist you with any questions regarding disposal of:

Household Trash-regular household refuse

Cardboard/Glass/Plastic Recycling: All material should be clean. Cardboard that is water damaged or stained etc.…will be deposited in regular household trash.

Demolition: Materials accepted vary in range however; no brush is to be deposited in the demo can. Shingles, building materials from tear downs, mattresses and other household items are accepted. We do ask that if you plan to arrive with a large demo load, please contact Sandra Thompson at the above number to assure there is space available in the container.  

Metal: all metal must be separated from its origin for disposal: Lawnmowers must be drained of all fluid and tires removed, fire extinguishers emptied, lawn chair frames no cushion etc...

***NOTE-The Forks Plantation will arrange for an on- site demo container at your location in The Forks for larger demo projects upon your request. Please contact Sandra Thompson at 663-4454 for scheduling in advance. The Forks Plt will pay for all content and you will pay for tipping/trucking fees.***

As of January 1, 2020 fees once charged for other items have been discontinued. The following items can be discarded at no fee:

Whitegoods-freezers, refrigerators, coolers any other Freon units etc... Doors MUST be removed from all units if applicable.

TV’s: any style

Computer Equipment:  Monitors, towers

Fluorescent Bulbs

Desktop Printers

Battery Back-up systems

Please see the fee schedule below for all Tire disposal as tires remain a fee based disposal. The chart below includes information and fees payable upon disposable: